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ParaŠtajerka 25.5.2014 - T2


There was again √196 pilots gathered (square rooted). We went on the take off, where the task is set with ENTER cylinder on Konjišga gora. Next turn point was on the mountain Golte, and then back to the goal with big cylinder.

The race was 67km long, e.g. 42,2 real kilometres.

At the beginning of the race I was on the lead position, but I “fall a sleap” in a beautiful thermal above all. One pilot – Cegi, took advantage of this and pushed forward. He was then always a step in front of us.

When we where side to side to Velenje lake, the sower appeared on our way. In that case we could not continue the race along straight path. We were asking, should we continue and wait few minutes more to the left – S side or not. I then decided to land. Other group went more left to the open area and continue to race a liitle bit. But after few km more, they had to land, due shower closing.


After finish, we drove back to the HQ, where we had few drinks and good food… shortly the results where known and there was price giving. After that we again played some volleyball in the sand ;)


In the “funn clas” EN B) there was:

1. Klemen Peljhan

2. Mitja Jug


Overall winners:


1. Bojan Gaberšek

2. Boštjan Poročnik

3. Tilen Ceglar



Big thanks to all the competitors for supporting the competition!


ParaŠtajerka 24.5.2014 - T1


Saturday morning … we started with optimism…

The preparation was in full motion, there was a lot of pilots – 169, from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Indonesia.

We went to the take off and was on the spot at appx. 12h. we made provisional task.

But the weather, e.g. Wind started to increase, till value which did not allow us safe flying.

After short parawaiting, we decided to go back to the landing place and wait till 4 o’clock if the wind would decrease.

Meanwhile we had great time … and refresh ourselves .. and eat a little bit. We had also international competition in volleyball. We had a great time.

At 16h we decided to cancel the race due too strong wind.

After that we had small part, which went till the evening .. and on …

At this time I would like to THANK ALL to come here and support this competition … at least morally!

(… the number of competitors has to be square rooted…)


OK enough about today.

Some information’s for tomorrow.

Current forecast is showing light ESE winds and locally possible showers.

We strongly hope that we will have luck and there wont be any showers in our region.

HQ will be open from 8h. In case you have to done registration, be early enough.

Because of local showers we want to be as fast as possible.

Take off to transport will start at 10h.


See you!

ParaŠtajerka 24.5.2014 - T1



... pictures will follow


ParaŠtajerka 2014 info. 8


Information’s for tomorrow.

Weather forecast:

Wind did decrease a little bit, which allow us to have the race.

So tomorrow we go for real.


Registrations in the HQ from 7.30 – 9h

Transport to take off from 9h till 10.30h

Do not forget PG license and valid FAI!


Please be here on time, so we won’t be too late at take off.


For Sunday the weather forecast is also looking promising.

See you!

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